Trump denies telling Comey to back off, bashes former FBI director His first public comments since the announcement of a special counsel.

    Former Sen. Joe Lieberman top pick for Trump's new FBI director The president says he is "very close" to revealing his choice.

    Kelly Landry's AVO against her estranged millionaire celebrity accountant husband Anthony Bell FAILS - with court finding while he had been 'intimidating in the past' there was ... Television presenter Kelly Landry has lost her bid to have an apprehended violence order imposed upon her multi-millionaire accountant husband Anthony Bell. Despite finding Mr Bell had intimidated Ms Landry in the...

    The Party Finally Gets the Politics it Deserves I’m back again on Trump’s most recent impeachable offense unless there’s been another one as I type. Given that the Comey memos arehighly unlikely to work in Trump’s favor, the Republicans have no good political options: Needless to say

    Utica fire chief's removal from job not based on politics, city officials say UTICA, NY - The decision to place Utica Fire Chief Russell Brooks on paid administrative leave is not based on politics, Utica city officials said in a statement today. The decision "was not based on personality conflicts nor disagreements with any elected

    Medicaid Recipients Say They Need Health Care to Work PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Medicaid recipients are pushing back against Maine's proposal to create the nation's toughest requirements for the health care program run by states. House Republicans' health care bill would let states require certain Medicaid

    Senator Warren: Republicans have locked us out of health care reform talks Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) wants to work with Republicans to draft the Senate version of the health care bill, but she says Republicans have not included her and her Democratic peers. “Right now, the Republicans are trying to figure out what to

    Senate Republicans defend absence of women in health care working group The “working group” has emerged over the past week.

    Reactions to FBI Director James Comey's firing Representatives, senators and othe politicos were quick to chime in.

    Five key moments in career of James Comey Five key moments in career of James Comey

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